Play Report: February 2018 – Burning Through The Backlog

After finally completing all the new releases I own, it was time to dive into my backlog and see which games I could finish. There were a number of titles to choose from, with my list of games I wish to play going all the way back to previous gens that have longed passed. While most played Monster Hunter World and Dragon Ball FighterZ, I knew I had to put a dent in two games that were sitting on my shelf or HDD before I joined them.

Resident Evil 5

After finishing Resident Evil 4 for the first time, I knew the next obvious option was to start Resident Evil 5. Both of which I picked up for a combined $10 during a sale on the PlayStation Store.

Resident Evil 4 easily became my second favorite title in the franchise, with Resident Evil Remake still number one. However, I knew Resident Evil 5 would be different after reading many fan comments — and they were right.

Resident Evil 5 was a much different experience than 4 and remake. While Chris Redfield is no stranger to the series, completely the whole game with an AI or human parter with online co-op is completely new.

Your partner, Sheva, is always around to pick you up when you’re about to die or help shoot enemies. The catch is you have to manage your inventory so both you and Sheva have enough ammo and supplies. There were many instances I got too greedy with ammo, leaving Sheva with nothing.


What easily was my favorite moment in Resident Evil 5, was playing through the Lost Nightmares DLC after completing the game. The DLC’s story has Chris and Jill Valentine team up once again to explore the Spencer Mansion and track down Wesker. Everything felt just like it did in the first game, although this time textures were much more pleasing on the eye. The DLC is filled with callbacks to the original game, such as Jill playing “Moonlight Sonata” on the piano to reveal a hidden room.


As a latecomer to series, having only previously played InFamous: Second Son and First Light on the PlayStation 4, I figured it was finally time to go back and see where the series started. The game had been sitting on my shelf for a whole year before I decided to insert the disc into my PlayStation 3.

What I immediately was hit with, was an eyesore. I don’t expect much from a previous gen game, but InFamous did not age well. Anti-aliasing is no where to be seen, and draw distance is non-existent.

The graphical quality did not stop me. After finishing the game’s intro and tutorials, I was then hit with the familiar play style I was introduced to in Second Son. I began my hero playthrough the first time around and found the story to be more natural than in the infamous playthrough. Having Cole be a hero to save the city, Trish, and ultimately reconcile with her, seems more canon than Cole becoming the ultimate villain.


Whether or not I’ll play InFamous 2 remains to be seen. If I do, it will have to wait as I continue to play through games both new and old.