EA Confirms New Battlefield, Anthem’s Delay, and More During Their Earnings Call

EA announced a handful of news during their earnings call yesterday, including a new Battlefield this year, Anthem’s delay into 2019, and when to expect a new Star Wars title.

Executives Andrew Wilson, Patrick Soderlund, and Blake Jorgensen were present and announced a new Battlefield title for this holiday season. No other details were provided.

On the topic of Anthem, the execs confirmed the game’s delay into 2019, citing the upcoming Battlefield’s release as the reason.

“It doesn’t make sense to release [Anthem] next to Battlefield,” said Jorgensen.

Respawn’s untitled Star Wars project is due by fiscal year 2020, meaning it could see a holiday 2019 release.

The execs were questioned on the topic of loot boxes in Battlefront II, and if they are considered a form of gambling.

We do not believe that lootboxes are a form of gambling, and a lot of countries agree with us,” the executives stated. “It’s not just us, the entire industry and the ESA agree, and are helping to explain to people what those are. People are enjoying games all the time that some are misconstruing as lootboxes or gambling.”